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    You've become an excellent Quit Buddy Donna!
    Thank You Very Much.

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    Reply from shaded:
    HI Tim, thanks for the compliment !!!!!!!!!! 


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    Thank you, Donna.  I went back and read that post to Whit, and am thinking I need to keep it handy and just change the name every time a relatively young quitter joins.  I do wonder if a post like that would have had an effect on me at that age -- of course, we didn't even have the internet then, so it would have had to be a personal letter from somebody, delivered by Pony Express ... lol.  I do hope Whit is still not smoking.  I am so comfortable now at three months, and it really wasn't that difficult getting here.  No matter how tough it gets for you, please don't ever take another puff.  You will soon see that it is so worth it. 

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