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A)  I am one puff away from being a full blown addict. 

B) Rome was not built in a day.  This website has taught me how to stay quit giving me a  SMART ( specific , measurable, attainable, reachable, timely) goal to help me stay quit.  i.e  Promise myself  Don't smoke today'. 

C) Before i go close my eyes at night, i congratulate myself that i did not smoke

D) When i wake up in the morning, i make a promise again not to smoke. 

E) I Educate myself & apply the knowledge gained reading Joel & john's ebook manuals found on www.  

F)  I  re-inforce my positive belief by below (I believe)  poem supplied by a friend  : 

I Believe that quitting smoking is the single most important thing a person can do for their overall health and to improve their odds against the 4 greatest killers; heart disease, cancer, stroke, and COPD.

I Believe everyone has the ability to quit smoking as long as they want to quit more than they want to smoke.

I Believe a positive mental attitude ( I CAN) and determination (I WILL) are both necessary to quit smoking successfully.

 I Believe you need a little courage. I Believe courage is not the absence of fear, but rather gutting it out and doing the thing you fear.

 I Believe you dont have to quit for forever, you just have to quit for today. I also Believe that if you can quit for just 1 day, then you can quit for forever.

 I Believe that Triumph is just Try with a little Umph added.

 I also Believe that the best helping hand available is at the end of your own arm. I Believe your success is up to you.


C) I understand & embrace my addiction by reading docs on as well as from below another literary source 

'There is a place within you.. , a place as briskly clean as ice on a mountaintop, cool and remote. Find that high place, and look down within yourself; breathe that clean, icy air as you regard your guilt and shame. Do not deny them; observe them. Take your horror into your hands and look at it. Examine it as a phenomenon. Smell it. Taste it. Come to know it as only you can, for it is yours, and it is precious''. 


A) I am an  English (London) gal living in the Netherlands 

B) I speak 4 languages - English, German, French , Dutch 

C) I left the corporate  world  and I am training to be a modern languages teacher ( German/english)

D) I am a classically trained violinist.   

E) Sport : getting to like cardio . I   Cannot stand the practice but love  the  effects of yoga . i.e, flexibity patience, clear lungs , amazing sleep !!!! 

F) I love dancing &  eating delicious food  cooked for me !!! ha ha 

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    You've become an excellent Quit Buddy Donna!
    Thank You Very Much.

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    Reply from shaded:

    HI Tim, thanks for the compliment !!!!!!!!!! 
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    Thank you, Donna.  I went back and read that post to Whit, and am thinking I need to keep it handy and just change the name every time a relatively young quitter joins.  I do wonder if a post like that would have had an effect on me at that age -- of course, we didn't even have the internet then, so it would have had to be a personal letter from somebody, delivered by Pony Express ... lol.  I do hope Whit is still not smoking.  I am so comfortable now at three months, and it really wasn't that difficult getting here.  No matter how tough it gets for you, please don't ever take another puff.  You will soon see that it is so worth it. 

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